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Lindsey's Favourites, USA

One Last Time
“This story follows a young boy as he leaves his country and all he knows, because his homeland is no longer safe. He thinks of all the things he will miss including his friends, his park, his library, and his beach. For a child facing this situation or danger and the unknown, I imagine this story to be a helpful support. Happily, the boy appears to find joy with the new experiences in his new home. A very powerful story of resilience, courage, and hope. Thank you to the author for sharing this book with me."

BusyMom, USA

Bendy-Bendy Road
"This is a very cute and creative story about a little boy with a big imagination. A little boy visits his grandma’s new home and there is a very bendy road in front of it. The little boy wonders what’s on the other end and starts imagining so many things. Then he asks his grandma to take him and she does. He soon discovers what’s there! This story is fun and easy to read. You keep turning the pages to learn what is at the end of the bendy bendy road! Illustrations are cute and align well with the story.."

Reader, UK

Forgetful Freddie
"My 7-year-old year old absolutely enjoyed reading it to her younger friends and loved the story. Would highly recommend for any age group."

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