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One Last Time - English (Paperback)

One Last Time - English (Paperback)


War is glorified!
War is celebrated!
But does war ever have any winners?

This story is about a young boy facing the daunting prospect of leaving everything behind because his HOME is no longer safe. This beautifully illustrated picture book captures the essence of love, loss, hope, and the resilience of the human spirit.

We are moving to a new country tomorrow.
I hear loud BOOMs outside and see scary men with guns.
Mama says it’s not safe for us here anymore.
But I still love this place.
This is my HOME.

The story starts with a young boy on the eve of a life-changing move. The beautiful HOME he grew up in is no longer safe, but he doesn’t want to accept it. His heart remains deeply rooted in his beloved HOME. He reminisces all the beautiful memories, playing with his friends, going to the toy shop and enjoying yummy ice cream. He wants to relive all the moments for ‘One Last Time’.

With each turning page, the child’s reluctance to leave is evident. However, the story takes a positive turn when he discovers that his new home is like a blank canvas that he can fill up with even more beautiful memories. With each new experience, the child’s apprehension begins to subside. He reflects on his newfound happiness. He realises that, while he still misses his old HOME, his new HOME is filled with hope and a fresh new start.

‘One Last Time’ is a story that reminds all the readers, both young and old, about what is truly important. It shows the readers that even in the face of uncertainty and change, a new beginning that can bring unexpected joy and precious memories is still possible.

Age group: 6, 7,8

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