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Introducing hard topics to kids - DEATH

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Cleo and Rob

Written By: Helen Brown

Illustrated By: Phoebe Morris

Published In: 2019

This story is based on true events in author Helen Brown’s family. This story first appeared as a world-wide bestselling book for adults called Cleo. This story is about death, hope and healing.

After a six-year-old Rob loses his brother Sam, a sweet little kitten called Cleo, comes into his life. Rob finds a friend in Cleo, a friend he desperately needed to get through the tough time. A friend who will help him heal.

I lost my sister at a very young age. It was hard for me to contain my emotion when I was reading this story to my son. I didn't have a Cleo then, but if I did, the healing would have been much more easier.

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