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My Favorite Picture Book - How to Make a Bird by Meg McKinlay

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

How to Make a Bird:

Written by Meg McKinlay Illustrated by Matt Ottley Aged for 5+

Influenced by the Japanese philosophical concept that the beauty of life lies in the acceptance of sadness, this book was 17 years in the making. Most of the publishers Meg McKinlay approached, thought the concept of this book was not suitable for children. Nevertheless, this book was finally published in 2020 and has managed to win multiple Children’s book awards in Australia.

This is one of the books that has got me hooked on children’s books. It is beautifully written and the illustrations are one of the best I have seen, peaceful and surreal.

The book is about creating something, putting life into it, and then letting it go. As a Mum, I instinctively related this to creating a life, nurturing it, letting it go, and then being ok with it. Highly-highly recommended..

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