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Do you want your kids to fall in love with books?

bond_with_books is an online children’s book store with a mission to promote a love for books and foster a passion for reading. We provide a wide variety of books for kids of all ages, from classic fairy tales to stories about second-generation Nepali kids living overseas. We make sure that our books are fun, curious, and educational. At bond_with_books, we believe that books are the best way to nurture a child’s curiosity and help them build a strong bond with books.

Free Activities 

Here are some fun activity sheets that I have created for you.

Here are some other sites where you an get free activity sheets from: 

Who are my books for?

  • Kids who are curious.

  • Kids who are imaginative.

  • Kids who want to know about their heritage.

  • Kids who want to learn.

  • Kids who want to have fun

What has my books achieved so far?

  1. Amazon best seller on the first week of publishing.

  2. Sold 1000+ books so far.

  3. 30+ five-star reviews.

  4. Successful author visits.

Manisha reading at the library
Manisha in her book stall
Manisha talking about her book with a kid

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